Tumblr of the Week: Brokers With Their Hands on Their Faces

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Image via Brokers With Their Hands on Their Faces Tumblr

Come on, don’t tell us you didn’t see this coming.

As the bad economic news keeps coming, we’re forced to turn to humor to pick ourselves back up. Enter, our choice for Tumblr of the Week: The Brokers With Their Hands on Their Faces Blog.

The title is pretty self-explanatory: this Tumblr features photos (and we mean, a lot of photos) of distressed brokers covering their faces with their hands. It’s a visual of just how bad the economy is that hits home in a way that looking at the Dow Jones Index doesn’t (for the average lay person, and this NewsFeed writer, that is). Also, it’s a little funny — and we could all use a laugh right now.

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This Tumblr isn’t new, but since the bad economic news started flooding in this past week, it’s made a comeback with fresh photos being posted for the first time in almost two years. (There’s also a similar Tumblr worth mentioning: Sad Guys on Trading Floors.)

Of course, it’s been pointed out that these Tumblrs not only make light of the situation, but also paint a simplistic portrait of the factors that cause a dipping economy. Which we all know to be true, though that’s just about the only thing we do know.

It’s nearly impossible to get a solid grasp on what will happen with the economy — especially after the S&P downgrade — and how it can recover (even economists can’t agree). So we might as well get a smile out of it. (Poor brokers.)

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