Reading While Eating for August 12: Les Artistes

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Nacho Doce / Reuters

Elderly women perform before a beauty contest for elderly men in Sao Paulo August 11, 2011. The event was held to promote greater self-esteem among senior citizens, according to organizer Nilton Guedes

Friday’s links take a look at artists and their creations — whether they’re legendarily good or painfully bad.

Artist at Work: See rare, unpublished photos of paint-splattering legend Jackson Pollock. (LIFE)

What a Ride: The video for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s single “Otis” features the two happiest rappers you’ll ever see. (Vulture)

Speaking of Rap: Jay-Z and Kanye are two people who should rap, always. These are 10 people who should never rap, ever. (TIME)

Fast Times: The world’s fastest roller coaster recreates riding in a Ferrari F1 race car. Here’s how it works. (Popular Science)

Style Shocker: Lady Gaga hit the streets in her most daring getup yet — a simple black dress that made her look like a normal person. (Celebuzz)

Viral Video: It seems like stop-motion videos are all over the Web lately, and they never fail to impress. Check out this collaborative stop-motion sculpture. (The Daily What)