‘Watch the Profits’: Kanye and Jay-Z Open Pop-Up Shop in New York City

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Nick Carbone for TIME

The 'Watch the Throne' pop-up shop attracts throngs of onlookers (and hopefully, album buyers) at 201 Mulberry Street in New York City.

Of course their temporary store only sells copies of the hip-hop kings’ new album, “Watch the Throne.” NewsFeed peeked inside.

It’s a store that sells one item. But what a score it is. The weekend-long pop-up shop allows visitors a status warp into the lap of luxury – and, in a sense, the mind of music’s biggest moguls. Amid the narrow streets of SoHo, the store shines brightly: not least because it’s wrapped in the same iconic Riccardo Tisci-designed gold packaging of the album.

The store popped up Friday morning in an empty storefront at 201 Mulberry Street. And by Friday afternoon, lines stretched around the block, with a wait tallying more than an hour when NewsFeed visited the shop that evening. Much like the album before its release, the store is kept tightly under wraps, leaving little clue to its interior.

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But once you’ve waded through the line and past the beefy bouncer playing crowd control, the store’s regal glory awaits. The shrouded interior unveils all the gratuitous glitz of the Jay-Z/Kanye collaboration. Of course the duo refused to skimp on the showiness – the store’s centerpiece is the tricked-out, flame-spewing pseudo-convertible Maybach that the rappers hacked up in the first scenes of their lead single “Otis.” Take some pictures – the $300,000 car will soon be auctioned off for East African drought relief.

It’s your chance to step into the luxe life of Yeezy and Hova for a few minutes. Just follow the gold glimmer – or the massive crowds. And hope that you get in before nightfall Sunday, when, like all fairy tale moments, the store will promptly disappear.

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