Reading While Eating for August 15: Power Trip

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Thomas Peter / Reuters

A woman takes part in a SlutWalk rally against sexual abuse in central Berlin, August 13, 2011. SlutWalk is a protest movement that denotes sexual inequality in general and, in particular, the injustice of blaming the victim rather than the rapist or abuser

Monday’s links talk powerful animals, powerful people and even powerful movie scenes.

More than Mufasa: They’re the kings of the jungle for a reason. See photos of lions in action. (LIFE)

Financial Frenzy: In an op-ed that quickly went viral, billionaire Warren Buffett argues that the rich don’t need tax breaks. (New York Times)

Russian Rambo: Forget Arnold Schwarzenegger. The newest accented action hero is Vladimir Putin. (TIME)

Book Brawl: Get ready for a literary rumble! See several writers’ takes on “great” books that actually aren’t that great. (Slate)

Superhero Spotted: So much for keeping things under wraps. The Batwing was (easily) seen in Pittsburgh, where Christopher Nolan is filming The Dark Knight Rises. (BuzzFeed)

Viral Video: From The Joker exploding a building to an iconic Han Solo line, see the 25 greatest unscripted scenes in movie history. (The Daily What)