Reading While Eating for August 15: Origins of Art

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Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

Kokoro Okutama, who lives at a temporary housing with her family, rides a swing at an evacuation centre on the eve of Japan's annual Buddhist ceremony Obon that welcomes back the spirits of the dead in Kesennuma, north of Japan, August 12, 2011

Tuesday’s links discuss art, parents, and the parents of artists.

Pranking Parents: When one kid told his sister to stay out of his room while he went to summer camp — well, let’s just say his whole family broke that rule. (The Daily What)

Mean Musicians: Why can’t artists just play nice? See the 30 harshest musician-on-musician insults. (Flavorwire)

Striking Photos: “Radical Beauty,” an exhibit of works by photographer Irving Penn, explores the question of what, precisely, makes something beautiful. (TIME)

Family Ties: See photos of rock stars and their parents. Sometimes the apple falls really far from the tree. (LIFE)

Alaskan Excursion: Wish you could escape the world of your office? Take a time-lapse trip to Alaska on a Disney cruise. (AOL Travel)

Growing Pains: Before they were famous, see 25 famous actors in their often-awkward early roles. (A.V. Club)