Indianapolis Airport May Ditch Custom-Made Artwork for Advertising Screen

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Do you like art? Hopefully you like advertisements better, because that’s what helps pay the bills.

The Indianapolis International Airport plans to mothball a prominent painting to make way for something with a bit more splash: a video board. That video board can scroll through advertising all day long, giving anyone rambling through the terminal a variety of images to encounter, unlike the multi-story painting.

Sure, airport officials have already gotten hammered by art folks—and the average person not too keen on more advertising images flashing at them incessantly—so they have done the obvious in bringing in the Indianapolis Museum of Art to help formulate some new grand art plan, reports MSNBC.

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With public art and its role at the airport now in question, the entire issue has turned the art community into a nationwide forum, debating the value of regional art at such a prominent welcoming point for visitors to Indiana. And all this debate started over a single piece.

Created by James Wille Faust, the sculptural painting in question is dubbed “Chrysalis” and hangs in the middle of the terminal. It was designed specifically for that location, which has led Faust to decline the opportunity to find a new home for it. The thought of removing the work has hit other artists hard too because the original opening of the terminal less than three years ago came with the celebration of local art. Now, one of the main pieces of that movement will get wrapped up in some storage area.

Maybe the airport officials could at least take a picture of “Chrysalis” and rotate it in with all those new advertisements. Because NewsFeed is sure that would make everyone happy. Right?

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