Reading While Eating for August 16: The Little Things

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Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Race fans Chuck Cummings (L) and Bill Flint place plastic pink flamingos in the salt near their viewing area during the third day of the 63rd annual Bonneville SpeedWeek race on the Bonneville Salt Flats outside Wendover, Utah, August 15, 2011

Wednesday’s links talk little kids, little pet peeves and characters with little screen time.

Thou Shalt Not Text: Hate it when people keep chatting during a movie? Sign this movie theater etiquette manifesto. (IFC)

Religious Rumble: In Jerusalem, one Orthodox Jewish rabbi is marrying gay men and lesbians. Is it even necessary to note it’s controversial? (TIME)

The View From Two: One dad strapped a video camera to his toddler daughter’s head and got a view of the playground from her perspective. (The Daily What)

Pics from the Peak: Take a trip to the top of Mount Everest with these historical photos. (LIFE)

No Small Parts: See 10 minor television characters who deserve their own spinoffs. After all, doesn’t creepy Creed from The Office deserve a bigger backstory? (Flavorwire)

Wonder Fall: Snow fell in New Zealand for the first time in decades. Watching these Kiwis experience snow makes us rethink our muttering every winter. (BuzzFeed)