Reading While Eating for August 18: Sights to See

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Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

A student takes part in an "antigravity" yoga class at the Om Factory in New York August 16, 2011. "Antigravity" yoga makes use of hammocks to help practitioners gain greater flexibility, allowing for a wider range of yoga poses

It’s Thursday. You’re dragging towards the weekend. Take your lunch break to look at pretty things, funny things and heartwarming things. You’re welcome.

City Boys: A 22-year-long project resulted in these beautiful photographs of boys in the Bronx. (TIME)

You Snooze, You Win: What an innovative way to heckle. When one man fell asleep at a stand-up show, Mike E. Winfield turned it into comedic gold. (The Daily What)

Pretty Packs: Sure, smoking may almost be taboo in the States at this point. But it won’t hurt you to look at these beautiful vintage cigarette ads. (LIFE)

Puppy Love: Try not to tear up while watching this dog give a warm welcome to a returning soldier. (Daily Intel)

New York Minute: New York City scenes go from day to night in a single frame in this gorgeous picture series. (Flavorwire)

Shush, Just Look: Watch a montage of 127 characters demanding “Silence!” (BuzzFeed)