Reading While Eating for August 19: Potpourri

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Jon Nazca / Reuters

A woman fans herself as she waits for the start of a bullfight at the Malagueta bullring in Malaga, southern Spain, August 18, 2011

Friday’s links offer a little bit of this, and a sprinkling of that. Happy almost weekend!

Hep Cats: Still trying to make “fetch” happen? Really, stop it, Gretchen Wieners. There’s a reason why certain slang terms stick. (Slate)

Friends Without Benefits: Want love, but don’t want sex? There’s a dating site for that. (Healthland)

Disturbing Trend: How did self-injury, or “cutting,” take off with today’s youth? And can it be stopped? (Salon)

Coolest Sport Ever: Why play any other sport when you can play dodgeball on a trampoline court? (The Daily What)

Photo Pros: What exactly makes a photo great? Expert photographers and editors show you how to make the perfect shot, from lighting to composition. (LIFE)

Celebrity Chat: Comedian Dan Levy has a, well, animated (get it?) story of a chance encounter with Justin Timberlake. You’ll never call your gym shoes the same name again. (Vulture)