Reading While Eating for August 23: In Progress

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Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters

A member of the Boi do Seu Teodoro musical group performs at their annual cultural festival in the city of Sobradinho in Brasilia August 21, 2011.

Tuesday’s links show how things can change: your money, a construction site, and even a dictator’s physical appearance.

Smart Money: Frightened by the stock-market slide? Beat the markets with these 15 financial moves you should make now. (Moneyland)

Dashing Dictator: The headline for this photo gallery says it all: “When Gaddafi Was Cute.” (LIFE)

Test Run: See how American soldiers simulate Iraq and Afghanistan while still in the States. The costumes and reconstructions are impressive. (Flavorwire)

Making a Memorial: Watch a time-lapse view of the construction of the 9/11 memorial in downtown Manhattan. (The Daily What)

Snooki the Monkey: It’s either a sign of a good parody or a terrible culture that we can’t distinguish between Rise of the Planet of the Apes‘ actual trailer and this video, which replaces the apes with Jersey Shore cast members. (Vulture)

Nostalgia Alert: Watch an animated version of The Lion King‘s blooper reel. We dare you not to smile. (Best Week Ever)