Line Up, Ladies: Ben Flajnik Will Reportedly Be the Next ‘Bachelor’

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Image via ABC

This is the best — albeit totally expected — news we’ve heard all day.

After being rejected by Bachelorette Ashley Hebert on this season’s The Bachelorette finale, Ben Flajnik is still available. And according to Entertainment Weekly, ABC wants to bring him back to star on the next season of The Bachelor, where he’ll get the chance to reject potential love matches who vie for his affection.

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The news is not really a surprise as this is routine for the love-match reality show: whichever suitor gets dissed by the star typically gets cast as the next season’s Romeo (or Juliet, depending on the show). Call it reality karma: if you’re dumped on television in front of millions of viewers, surely  you deserve the chance to publicly break a few hearts of your own, right?

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