Watch: OK Go and the Muppets Star in New Video, Internet Explodes

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Pop culture might have just reached its apotheosis.

The reason? Everyone’s favorite meme-chasing online darlings, OK Go and The Muppets, have collaborated on a new music video for the band’s reboot of the Muppet Show theme song. Naturally, it’s beyond brilliant.

It can be heard as part of the The Green Album, which dropped this week and is a collection of Muppets covers by artists including the aforementioned OK Go, as well as the likes of My Morning Jacket and Weezer. But, to be frank, we’re only interested in the visuals for now.

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And what we get in that department is a greatest-hits recycling of OK Go’s groundbreaking music videos, but with added Muppets. To wit: the one that started the whole shebang off (one word: treadmills!),  “Here It Goes Again,” now with cameos by Bunsen and Beaker, the Rube Goldberg-inspired “This Too Shall Pass” starring Gonzo and Camilla,  “White Knuckles” with a special appearance by a sheep and “All Is Not Lost,” featuring the likes of Fozzie Bear and Kermit.

It’s impossible to not enjoy what’s going on here (and make sure you watch to the very end), but even more mouth-watering is the prospect of upcoming projects. Because not only is the new feature-length movie, The Muppets, coming out in November, but the end of this month finds OK Go and The Muppets performing together live on the Tonight Show on August 31.

“It’ll be like National-Be-Late-To-Work/Class-Because-You-Watched-OK-Go-on-the-Tonight-Show-on-April-28th Day, but in August instead. So make your plans now,” a post on OK Go’s blog explained. The sentiment might be ever-so-slightly unwieldy, but we know exactly what they mean.

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