Reading While Eating for September 2: Something for Everyone

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Ivan Alvarado / Reuters

Students gesture as they walk down the stairs during an occupation of the Chile's Education Ministry at Santiago, August 31, 2011, to demand changes in the public state education system

Friday’s links give you a sprinkling of just about everything, to send the week off in style.

Define Diversity: Cord Jefferson argues that one way colleges boost their “diversity” numbers is by accepting international students, not racially diverse Americans. (GOOD)

Be a Part of It: As news coverage begins about the tenth anniversary of September 11, keep in mind the positives that come with the Big Apple with these classic NYC photos. (LIFE)

Medical Expertise: Venus Williams dropped out of the U.S. Open, citing pain from Sjögren’s syndrome. So what is it? (Healthland)

Poetry of Fashion: Miley Cyrus’ dress at this weekend’s VMAs needed some work. Perhaps she would take some style advice in haiku form? (Go Fug Yourself)

Truth vs. Fiction: A public art collective has unleashed fake gossip magazines throughout New York City newsstands. Can you separate them from the real thing? (Gothamist)

She’s Back: Susan Boyle has returned with a vengeance. Check out her performance on America’s Got Talent this week. (The Daily What)

Careless Camera: Want to take a great group portrait, but don’t want to use a self-timer on your camera? Just chuck the camera into the air — nothing bad could happen. (Gizmodo)

Dance the Week Away: Take a great mashup, add spastic dancing, and you get a few solid minutes of total fun. (Vulture)