Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Booted From Flight Over Saggy Pants Saga

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Billie Joe Armstrong performs with Green Day during the 2010 Lollapalooza festival on August 7, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois.

As the typical airplane seating advice goes, your seatbelt should be fastened tight across your lap. Perhaps Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong should have applied that advice to the belt on his pants.

Armstrong, the lead singer and guitarist for Green Day, was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight Thursday night because of his saggy pants. He was escorted off the Oakland to Burbank flight after a flight attendant insisted his pants were too low. The rocker immediately took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

Twitter / @BJAOfficial (edited by TIME for profanity)

A producer for a local San Francisco news station was on board the flight and recounted the singer’s low blow. Cindy Qiu said most of the plane was seated when Armstrong boarded. As he walked to his seat, a flight attendant asked him to pull his pants up.

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The rebel rocker didn’t take the news lightly, lashing out at the flight attendent. “Don’t you have better things to do then worry about that?” Armstrong retorted, according to Qiu. When both sides refused to back down, Armstrong and his travel companion were escorted off the plane, after which Billie Joe tweeted his annoyance.

But the saga ends with no runway of Broken Dreams for Armstrong. As soon as Southwest was made aware of his profane but prolific tweet, an airline representative reached out to apologize, booking Billie Joe on the next flight.

While the situation might have been resolved quickly, Armstrong can now count himself among many other victims of the fashion police in the skies. In July, a New York woman was kicked off a JetBlue flight for wearing shorts that were too short. She ended up suing the airline.

Southwest itself is no stranger to celebrity-induced controversy over its flying policies. The airline encountered scrutiny last year when it kicked off actor-director Kevin Smith for allegedly not fitting in the one seat he had purchased.

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