Watch: A Cinematic Love Letter to the Twin Towers

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One of the many beauties of film is that it can always remind us of what once existed.

As the world prepares to remember the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack, the cartoonist Dan Meth has paid his own tribute.

(PHOTOS: Philippe Petit Walking Between the Former Twin Towers)

He’s put together this movie mashup of scenes featuring the Twin Towers, between the years of 1969-2001 (for those who point out that Man on Wire was released after 2001, it’s worth noting that the footage is still from the aforementioned timeframe), and the soundtrack matches the visuals perfectly with different tunes kicking in from different decades.

Naturally, he hasn’t included every single instance of the Towers cropping up but what’s there seems pretty comprehensive with the likes of King Kong, Serpico, Manhattan, Superman, Working Girl and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (which even put them on the poster) all getting featured. “Spectacular view, isn’t it?” says a character in The Sentinel and it sure was.

Here’s to the next generation of films showcasing what will go up in its place, as both actors and audiences alike gasp at its magnificence. (via The Atlantic)

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