Don’t Stop Him Now: Google Doodle Pays Tribute to Queen’s Freddie Mercury

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The latest masterpiece from those clever folks at Google may be their greatest creation yet.

September 5 would have been the 65th birthday for the late frontman of iconic British band Queen, Freddie Mercury (in fact, go check out this awesome post to remember him by and then come back here).

Unsurprisingly, Google has latched onto this significant date by producing their latest doodle in honor of the much missed Mercury. (It’s on many international Google homepages, but alas, not the U.S. one. Try And the ambition and creativity shown in the ensuing 100 second clip would surely have brought a smile to the rock great’s lips.

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Soundtracked by “Don’t Stop Me Now,” it starts off by showing some of the many images Mercury portrayed over the course of his celebrated career (he passed away at 45 from broncopneumonia brought on by AIDS in 1991) before we’re transported into a concert (the Google logo is perhaps somewhat inevitably the backdrop).

Soon enough (and matching the lyrics perfectly), he’s transported off into the sky whereby the doodle takes on the premise of a video game as Freddie first rides on the back of a tiger before getting in a car which, naturally, has the ability to fly into space.

Mercury then begins his descent back to earth (wherein he looks particularly regal) and then Google riffs on some of Queen’s famous music videos (the cross-dressing Mercury in “I Want To Break Free” never fails to delight) before we’re returned to the concert with Freddie almost resembling an angel. As the Google logo shimmers and shines, it’s clear what the takeaway should be: Freddie Mercury was and always will be a star.

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