Reading While Eating for September 7: Back to School

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Esam Al-Fetori / Reuters

An anti-Gaddafi fighter bathes with water in Al-Noflea, the closest area to the city of Sirte, 450 km west of Benghazi, towards Om El Khanfousa, September 6, 2011

Wednesday’s links mark the start of the school year with important life lessons and classroom nostalgia.

Fierce Flames: This stunning video shows just how quickly the wildfires in Texas are spreading. (The Daily What)

Remembering: TIME’s Beyond 9/11 project features moving video portraits of 40 men and women impacted by Sept. 11. (TIME)

College Reunion: College graduates from the class of 1988 to the class of 2015 talk about the ups and downs of the university experience. (The Morning News)

Old School: These vintage photos of 1950s-era science classes will put a smile on your face. Oh, the groundbreaking technology! (LIFE)

Seventh-Year Seniors: Think those kids on Gossip Girl look like they’re 30? That’s because they are. See some of film’s oldest “high schoolers.” (Flavorwire)

Origin Story: Watch the world’s first 3-D rendered movie, created in 1972 by the man who would later found Pixar. (Vulture)