Reading While Eating for September 8: Ahh, Real Monsters!

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Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters

Spectators look at contestants competing in the National Ballooning Championship, held to commemorate Brazil's independence day, in Brasilia September 7, 2011

Thursday’s links are guaranteed to give you the creeps.

Creepy Creatures: Ready for a little scare? See the top 10 monsters that actually exist, in real life. We know. (TIME)

Big Guys: Still not freaked out enough? Check out pictures of ridiculously huge creatures. (LIFE)

Kermit Kicks: Is your fashion role model a Muppet? Forgo an entire green felt jacket and go for these Kermit-inspired Adidas sneakers instead. (The Daily What)

Not So Glamorous: While on the topic of fashion, one sociologists delved into the modeling world and found that models are underpaid, exploited and too old by age 26. (Slate)

Historical Hipsters: If famous photos were taken on the iPhone, what would they look like? They’d look super hipstery, that’s what. (Flavorwire)

Disney Upgrade: Speaking of hypotheticals, if Belle from Beauty and the Beast were an extremely effeminate gay man, well, the movie would be so much better. (Best Week Ever)