Late-Night Laughs: The 5 Best Comedy Clips of the Week

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This week in late-night comedy, hosts talked politics and puppies. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Prospective American citizens must take a test to prove they know about their new country’s history. Conan O’Brien administered his own test to himself, to prove he was worthy of living in the States.

Spoiler alert: This clip, in which Stephen Colbert discusses spoilers (and gives away a few key movie endings), is funny.

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This week’s GOP Presidential debate could have been a lot more fun if it were a game show. Jimmy Kimmel helped make it happen.

Sports anchors are already guessing who will be victorious this NFL season. But Jimmy Fallon has the true secret to winning your office pool: puppies.

Jon Stewart dedicated a segment of The Daily Show to the potential demise of the U.S. Postal Service. But he brought up a pertinent point — shouldn’t a Postmaster General at least have a cool helmet?

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