When It Comes To Sex Scandals, Mexico Is The Most Tolerant Country

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Sex scandal, schmex scandal. Most of Mexico just doesn’t really care what goes on behind closed bedroom doors.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll of more than 18,500 people in over 20 countries asked participants how willing they’d be to tolerate a sex scandal from notable citizens. Topping the poll of nonchalant responders were Mexicans, who were the most likely to be blasé about a Tiger Woods or an Anthony Weiner sort of debacle. Many said they wouldn’t bat an eye, according to Reuters, who reports that “57 percent of Mexicans would be either very likely or somewhat likely to tolerate the sexual indiscretions of stars and politicians.”

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Americans, by contrast, weren’t quite so willing to accept indiscretions, with a tolerance factor of 48 percent. However, that’s nothing compared to rigid Japan; a puny 28 percent of Japanese polled said they’d be tolerant of a sex scandal of celebrity or politician.

So if you’re a philandering politician or a sex-tape-loving starlet, Mexico seems like the place to be. Though we’re pretty sure that only applies to locals; when it comes to sex scandals and the saying “what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico”, it seems like the only thing “staying” would be the tolerance.

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