‘Dexter’ Star Michael C. Hall May Head to Broadway to Star in ‘Big Fish’

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Michael C. Hall arrives at a party on August 3, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.

This is nearly a pop-culture overload for us.

The suave-yet-calculating murderer Dexter might be taking a different path – a Southern path straight to the doorstep of aged storyteller Edward Bloom in the Broadway adaptation of Big Fish.

That’s right, Deadline reports that the iconic and gorgeously produced Tim Burton film is getting a Broadway rendition, and Dexter could be our star. The part, producers say, was originally written for Hugh Jackman, so we’d say Hall has quite a challenge to rise to. But Hall, a true Southerner hailing originally from North Carolina, is no stranger to the stage, having previously starred in stage versions of Cabaret and Chicago.

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As Hall negotiates with Big Fish’s Broadway producers, reportedly the same crew that produced the 2003 film, he’s also in talks with the producers of Dexter over his soon-to-expire contract. Seems like he’ll only be able to choose one – this choice might come down to love and money.

The musical is set to open the curtain next year.

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