Reading While Eating for September 12: Fun and Games

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Eric Thayer / Reuters

A plane flies through the "Tribute in Lights" in lower Manhattan in New York September 10, 2011

Monday’s links feature funny women, fictional pastimes and even musical saws. After a somber weekend, let’s have some fun.

Pay It Forward: To repay his beloved newfound home of Australia, a Brazilian art director gave 30 gifts to 30 strangers and taped their reactions. (The Daily What)

Screeching Sounds: Like music, but hate how nice it makes your ears feel? Sit down and listen to some musical saw. Yes, musical saw. (TIME)

Girl Power? Fall’s television lineup features lots of female-centered comedies. But they emasculate men far more than they empower women. (Slate)

Marvelous Metropolis: As the nation’s emotions recover from remembering the tenth anniversary of 9/11, see photos of New York City’s golden age: the 1940s. (LIFE)

Fictional Fun: Think the beginning of fall means the end of fun? Please. Try out these 10 fictional literary games that seem totally awesome, if implausible. (Flavorwire)

Animal Audience:  A group of jazz musicians found some appreciative fans in a French field. It’s Monday, and you deserve something cute. (Reddit)