Reading While Eating for September 14: You’d Better Work

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Marcos Brindicci / Reuters

Sheep painted with the colors of New Zealand All Blacks rugby team and England's team graze in a farm on the outskirts of Dunedin. Both nations are competing in the Rugby World Cup

Wednesday’s links work the runway and search for work.

Culture Clash: The title of this article says it all: “A dominatrix moves to the country.” (Salon)

Model Madness: As Fashion Week takes New York by storm, take a photographic trip through the madness with model Karlie Kloss. (LIFE)

Financial Squeeze: Who got hit by the recession worst: the young, the middle-aged or the retired? (The Atlantic)

An Icon, Gone: Amy Winehouse would have turned 28 today. Look back at her life, times and career cut far too short. (TIME)

Custom Clothing: Men, never buy a dress shirt in a store again. A crop of new custom-fit websites will make businesswear simple. (Slate)

Health Hazards: A spat between Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry at this week’s GOP debate led to a firestorm about the HPV vaccine. (The Daily What)

Television Tattling: The CW’s latest reality show, H8r, lets celebrities confront their online detractors. But is it really just an outlet for bullying? (HitFix)

Viral Video: NewsFeed doubts you love music as much as this adorable kid on the subway. (BuzzFeed)