Mick Jagger May Play Corrupt Media Mogul in Upcoming Movie

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Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Mick Jagger performs "Everybody Needs Someone to Love" at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles

The Rolling Stones legend is reportedly set to produce and possibly star in a thriller tentatively called Tabloid.

According to Deadline, Mick Jagger came up for the idea for the film and has securedĀ A History of Violence writer Josh Olson to pen the script. The rocker may also take a starring role in the film, as Deadline reports that he is “eyeing [the part of] a global media mogul with dubious morality, and there is a young journalist who gets seduced and sucked into that immoral world.” There’s no word yet if there will be any dancing involved.

While the news may be unexpected to those who associate Jagger with eccentric moves and ’70s rock, this actually won’t mark the first time the 68-year-old has worked in the movie business. He co-founded the production company Jagged Films with Victoria Pearman in 1995 and has received production credits on movies such as 2001’s Enigma and 2005’s The Women.

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