Amid Lockout, NBA Star Delonte West Gets a New Gig – At a Furniture Store

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Twitter / @CharleeRedz13

The former Boston Celtics guard had a good job, but NBA lockout rules prevent him from re-signing with the team (or any other, for that matter). So he finds himself along with 9.1% of the American population: looking for a job.

On Wednesday, West tweeted that he had applied for a job at Regency Furniture, a D.C.-based furniture chain, even posting a copy of his application to prove its legitimacy.

Twitter / @CharleeRedz13

It seems, though, that he was purposely vague in the application, passing off his weapons conviction as simply a “misunderstanding.” But no worries for West, as pleading guilty to carrying three guns in a guitar case while riding a three-wheeled motorcycle apparently wasn’t enough to disqualify him. Within an hour, a follow-up tweet came through:

Twitter / @CharleeRedz13

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As part of his new position with the “stock” team, he’s apparently doing some heavy lifting with the team.  And, you know, some heavy advertising, too. West has since tweeted that working at Regency (while frequently name-dropping, of course) is  “fun” and “cool.” OK, so it’s not the most eloquent writing, but ad dollars are hard to come by these days – just like a job.

In fact, West has been quite serious about the job search, noting that he’s applied for jobs at Home Depot and Sam’s Club in past months. Though neither minimum-wage job came to fruition, it seems as though he’s now scored a slam-dunk position – at least from his perspective – oh yeah, and Regency’s, too.

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