Late-Night Laughs: The 5 Best Comedy Clips of the Week

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Daily Show

This week in late-night comedy, celebrities were everywhere, from musical guests to sketch stars to even a karaoke appearance.

Sure, it was controversial that a protester got pepper sprayed at Occupy Wall Street. But the clear joke here is that the officer who did the spraying was named Anthony Bologna. Let the Tony Bologna puns commence, Daily Show!

The Colbert Report dedicated an extra-long episode to Radiohead. Stephen Colbert even got them to chat about the environment.

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Jersey Shore needs some A-List talent. So Anne Hathaway, Dennis Haysbert and Paul Rudd decided to air their audition tapes on Conan.

Jimmy Fallon and guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed karaoke numbers as David Bowie and Axel Rose. Need we say more?

When David Letterman got flak for making jokes about Chris Christie’s weight, he enlisted a Late Show writer to come up with other jabs about the New Jersey governor. He had some trouble.

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