Reading While Eating for September 30: Truth to Power

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Stefano Rellandini / Reuters

A man walks past a wallpaper depicting Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as Napoleon mounted on a horse in downtown Milan September 29, 2011

Friday’s links talk powerful spouses, legendary icons and just how to be remembered through history.

Super Spouses: Sure, you’ve heard a lot about the GOP presidential candidates. But what about their better halves? Check out their political assets — and drawbacks. (The Atlantic Wire)

Paltry Sum: India’s government says that people who spend more than 65 cents a day are above the poverty line. So how much can 65 cents a day actually buy? (Divanee)

Spooky Spending: What recession? Americans will spend $7 billion on Halloween this year. (Moneyland)

Culinary Creations: Can food be art? Once you check out these photos of modernist cuisine, we think you’ll be convinced. (LIFE)

Character Work: Michelle Williams channels Marilyn Monroe on the latest cover of Vogue. Does she pull it off? (Go Fug Yourself)

Dumb Criminal: Here’s a tip to aspiring thieves: Don’t rob the same bank for three days in a row. You’ll probably get caught eventually. (The Daily What)

Sing Along: How can you ensure a legacy for yourself while you’re still kicking? Become a noun, according to this delightful video from NPR. (Flavorwire)