Reading While Eating for October 3: Kid Stuff

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Esam Al-Fetori / REuters

A Roman statue riddled with bullet holes is seen at the Old Sirte City Museum at the Sultan area taken over by anti-Gaddafi fighters, located about 31.1 miles east of Sirte, Libya, on October 2, 2011

Monday’s links ease you into the week with Ren & Stimpy and a cute animal video.

Odd Ideas: If you can dream of it, it’s probably already patented. Check out some sketches from wacky, clever patents through history. (LIFE)

Saving Smarts: Learn the tricks of the bargain trade with TIME’s Kayla Webley, who shopped alongside an extreme couponer. (Moneyland)

Big Kid Books: Who says children’s books are just for adults? Check out 10 titles that are great for grown-ups, too. (Flavorwire)

When Cartoons Collide: Watch the intro of The Simpsons, animated in the style of Ren & Stimpy. (The Daily What)

Retro Retouching: Think Photoshopping is a relatively new phenomenon? A publicity photo of the late Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s was even retouched. (New York Post)

Monday Dose of Cute: This baby elephant sneezes, and scares himself in the process. (Reddit)