Reading While Eating for October 5: Past Meets Present

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Larry Downing / Reuters

President Barack Obama holds up a book with a cartoon of himself, inside a child development classroom at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas, October 4, 2011

Wednesday’s links talk old TV, old Hollywood and new social trends.

Turn Off the TV: Can Dr. House keep solving medical mysteries forever? See 10 TV shows that should have quit while they were ahead. (Flavorwire)

Silver Lining: Drunk driving is down. Could the bad economy be to blame for this positive trend? (Consumerist)

Tiffany’s Jewelry Optional: Whether it’s for a Halloween costume or every day, here’s how to dress like style icon Audrey Hepburn. (LIFE)

Behind the Wheel: Before you hit the road, check out the most exciting car models for 2012. (TIME)

Nostalgia Alert: The live-action test footage for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland has been released, and it contains audio that made it into the final, animated version. (The Daily What)

Viral Video: An adorable British girl raps every single verse of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” Need we say more? (BuzzFeed)


I am so embarrassed of my home state but I promise that there are plenty of us who won't let this go and won't stop fighting. Women deserve care. North Dakota lawmakers are attempting to turn us into some insane anti-choice example for the rest of the country, but we will not stand for it.