Talk About a Buzz: Marijuana-Infused Wine Gains Popularity in California

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Seth Resnick/Science Faction/Corbis

Cue the jokes about good things coming together.

Marijuana still hasn’t been legalized in most parts of the U.S, but obviously that hasn’t stopped people from experimenting with it. Gourmet reports that in — where else? — California, “the future of marijuana ingestion may be found at the bar; liquid extracts allow nearly any drink to be infused with cannabis, and beer and wine makers have already begun to embrace the possibilities of fusion.”

Apparently, infusing wine and beer with cannabis can be done by either adding liquid cannabis extract to the brew or by letting wine steep in the marijuana for an extended period. The wine is generally known as “special wine”, “tree wine” or “green wine,” though it’s usually red wine. Though the infusion process was originally pioneered for medical purposes, it’s obviously been adapted for more… recreational ingestion. No word on how it actually tastes, but something tells NewsFeed that flavor isn’t the appeal of these particular refreshments.

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