Reading While Eating for October 12: Sugar Rush

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Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

China's Sui Lu competes on the balance beam during the women's team final at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Tokyo October 11, 2011

Wednesday’s links get hyper by talking about sugary cereals and Halloween trick-or-treating.

Talking Points: Let’s be honest — you didn’t watch the GOP debate last night. Don’t worry, we slogged through it. Here’s what you missed. (Swampland)

Buzz Box: Boxed wine companies really, really want you to try them out. But can they get consumers to think past Franzia? (New York Times)

Trick or Treat: If you dress your kid in these Halloween costumes, they won’t get the joke. But you will — and that’s all that matters, right? (Flavorwire)

Market Mashup: One artist has planted his own idea of kids’ cereal brands onto supermarket shelves. (The Daily What)

How Fear Begins: Still scared of a monster under your bed? Take comfort by finding out where these scary creatures came from. (LIFE)

Nifty Trick: Watch this bartender pour 12 multicolored cocktails at once. (We recommend you turn the volume down first.) (Viral Viral Videos)