Parents Up in Arms Against Marijuana-Shaped Candy

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David Duprey / AP

A "Pot Pop" lollipop

A brand of gummy candy is sour-apple flavored and doesn’t contain cannabis, but some parents and activists are outraged over its leaf shape.

Critics say the candy encourages children to smoke pot. “We’re already dealing with a high amount of drug abuse and drug activity and trying to raise children so they don’t think using illegal substances is acceptable,” Buffalo city council member Darius Pridgen told the Associated Press. “So to have a licensed store sell candy to kids that depicts an illegal substance is just ignorant and irresponsible.”

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The candy’s maker, Kalan LP, said the candy has been on the market for six to nine months and is sold in about 1,000 stores. Company owner Andrew Kalan told the Miami New Times that the treats are marketed as novelty items and that he was surprised by the sudden controversy.

“My take on it is that it’s a gag, it’s a joke and there are a lot more pressing issues that are affecting kids today,” Kalan said.

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