Reading While Eating for October 13: Lost in Translation

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Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

The Berlin cathedral is seen as it is illuminated during the Festival of Lights in Berlin October 12, 2011

Thursday’s links talk artistic conflicts, rewritten history and the language barrier.

Art or Stalking? One woman discovered that an acquaintance had created a blog — one that featured nothing but surreptitious photos of her. What would you do? (The Awl)

Tot Tube: Go on, let your kid watch SpongeBob. Here’s why doctors’ prohibitions on screen time for kids are overblown. (Slate)

Get Motivated: Feeling down about a project you’re working on? This inspiring video proves that what’s obvious to you might be innovative to others. (The Daily What)

Guest Voice: In the 20 years since the Clarence Thomas hearings, Anita Hill has received tons of letters about injustice across the country. She explains why she kept them all. (TIME Ideas)

Cinematic Copies: The reboot of Footloose is actually getting decent reviews. Which is rare, when you consider Hollywood’s dumbest remakes ever. (LIFE)

Viral Video: This short film shows what English sounds like to those who don’t speak it. Is it weird that we thought we could understand parts of the gibberish? (Vulture)