Saddam Hussein Lookalike Refuses to Make Sex Tapes, Suffers Assault

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Bob Strong / AFP / Getty Images

The real Saddam Hussein in 2005

It’s apparently one of the less obvious perils of looking like a dictator.

An Egyptian man who is a dead ringer for Saddam Hussein claims he was kidnapped and assaulted by a gang that wants him to play the Iraqi leader in pornographic videos, according to al-Ahram. It is believed that the tapes would then be sold as found footage of the real Hussein.

The lookalike, Mohamed Bishr, said he was nabbed by three men with guns and forced into a van. An argument among the kidnappers soon ensued, and Bishr found himself shoved back out of the vehicle, onto the pavement.

The man’s son said sex-tape propositions have been a problem in the past. The son said that Bishr, a devout Muslim, was once offered $333,000 to impersonate Hussein in porn movies. After he refused, he received phone calls from people threatening to kidnap him. Bishr said he has moved four times to elude this kind of harassment.

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