Reading While Eating for October 17: Know What I Meme?

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Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Canada competes during the rhythmic gymnastics group general qualification round at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara October 16, 2011. The games run through October 30

Monday’s links talk protest songs, lazy songs and the meaning of Maru.

Meme-ology: If you’re reading NewsFeed, chances are you enjoy looking at funny things on the Internet. Reporter Sam Leith takes a deeper look at how memes online reflect our larger culture. (Financial Times)

Picket Playlist: Are you currently Occupying Wall Street, or wish you were? This playlist will help you fight the power. (TIME Entertainment)

Scout’s Honor: Sure, you love their cookies. But you may not know about the Girl Scouts’ storied history. Take a look at these vintage photos. (LIFE)

Odd-Job Authors: Don’t worry, you still can write the Great American Novel, no matter what job you currently have. Check out the weird jobs famous writers had before they made it. (Flavorwire)

Strike a Pose: One nature photographer talks about getting interrupted by one attention-hogging elephant seal. (The Daily What)

Viral Video: Auditory proof that songwriters have a tendency to be lazy. (Slacktory)