Reading While Eating for October 18: Pretty in Pink

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Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Visitors are reflected in mirrors at the installation "Environment 3" by artist Luc Peire at the Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand

Tuesday’s links talk little kids and massive pets.

They Are Legion: You know the group Anonymous, with their vague threats and Guy Fawkes mask? Surprisingly or not, they’ve had a big impact on Occupy Wall Street. (Fast Company)

‘Net Nannies: Upcoming legislation may help protect children from the Internet. But is that really a good thing? (TIME Ideas)

Man’s Best Friend? One couple in Canada has a pet buffalo. It lives inside their house. No, really, this isn’t fake. (LIFE)

Cinematic Costumes: Looking for Halloween costume inspiration? Check your local movie theater. (Flavorwire)

Gluttony Gloss: Paula Deen now sells butter-flavored lip balm. Is anyone surprised? (The Daily What)

Brain Food: Get ready to have your mind blown. According to this video, there’s really no such thing as the color pink. (Gizmodo)