Actress Sues Amazon For Revealing Her Age on IMDb

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An actress is suing Amazon for letting the world know that she’s not even that old.

An unknown actress — she’s simply listed as “Jane Doe” in the lawsuit filed in Seattle federal court — is suing the company, claiming that they used information from the credit card she registered on their site and published it to their highly trafficked site, Internet Movie Database (known to most as IMDb).  The woman, who’s described as a “40-year-old Texas actress” is particularly angry that Amazon revealed her true age because, apparently, “lesser-known 40-year-old actresses are not in demand in the movie business.”

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The actress argues that the only way that Amazon, and therefore IMDb, could know her real birth date was if they intercepted the information on the credit card she used when she bought the movie site’s upgrade for industry insiders, IMDbPro. The plan, reportedly, had been to get more work, not to repel casting agents from hiring her. The suit is asking for $75,000 plus $1 million in punitive damages, claiming that Amazon broke its contract with the actress checked IMDb’s subscriber agreement.

While it’s definitely scary to think of all the ways that big corporations could use the information we’ve doled out to them over the years, NewsFeed also finds it hard to be that sympathetic to Jane Doe’s plight. Sure, it’s no doubt true that lesser known actresses of a certain age have trouble finding work. But is hiding your age and pretending to be younger than you are helping change that? Stand proud, Jane Doe!

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