Criminals Borrow Heist Scheme From ‘The Town,’ and It Almost Pays Off

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Warner Bros. / Everett

NewsFeed isn’t saying that The Town was a bad movie, but it seems as if it might have been a bad influence.

The Associated Press reports that a group of men in New York allegedly went on a crime spree using big-screen-inspired methods. Robbing dozens of corner stores, discount stores and pizzerias, the suspected thieves would throw bleach all over the crime scene on their way out to scrub the place of their DNA; the move was lifted straight from the 2010 heist film.

“(The suspects) told detectives that they were inspired by the Ben Affleck movie The Town, in which the protagonists used bleach to cover their tracks,” the NYPD said in a statement. Their series of robberies earned them $217,000 before they were caught be the police.

Four men have been arrested for the crimes and though two are due to appear in a Brooklyn court, at least they’re — spoiler alert! — better off than the criminals in The Town.

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