Gory and Glory: 13 Best Gaddafi Front Pages

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Newspapers across the world showed the glory – and the gory – this morning after Thursday’s killing of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Some showed the rebels joy, others reveled in the bloody death shot. The prevailing attitude was one of celebration – though we still remain hopelessly confused about the proper spelling of Gaddafi’s name. 

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Suppose that, after an election for president of the US, The area East of the Mississippi decided that the election results didn't suit them. The People living there violently demonstrated and toppled the Govt, forcing the elected president to flee.The states in the South,and West, were partial to this candidate. They felt that they were not adequately represented by the new admin., just as they felt that the election results for the recently deposed President had been fair and to their liking.

This is the case in Eastern Ukraine. Whether the Russian Govt had intervened or not, they did of course, the Peoples living in Eastern and Southern Ukraine voted overwhelmingly for Yanukovych, and were very happy to see Timishenko's populist party

defeated at the polls.



@JCmarinut Except that the people of Ukraine rebelled when the president tried to sell Ukraine out to the Russians; the president was pressured by Russia to use military force against peaceful protesters, which made the protests turn violent; the president wasn't overthrown but fled the country; the entire rest of the government is still in power, and even his own party support removing him from power and replacing him.

And, of course, even if none of that was the case: in what way would that justify Russia militarily invading and stealing regions from Ukraine? 

Because that's what Russia's done. It provoked the crisis, and then used it to steal land.


@WilfTarquin @JCmarinut Ah, come on, tarquin, change the tune. Have you seen the videos of the peaceful protesters getting the policemen on fire? Have you seen the videos of the peaceful protesters armed with automatic weapons?

  Now, as to the rebellion of the people against Yanukovych, tarquin, I urge you to go to Google and see the motives that the opposition used, to bring Yanukovych down. In no part of the proceedings the name of Putin, or Russia is used. So, stop your nonsense. Now as to the invasion of Crimea by Russian troops, I don't know if you know, tarquin, that when Crimea was given to Ukraine, a pact was signed between the two sides that allowed the Russian to have in Crimean up to 16 000 troops. OOPS, you didn't know that.