Pimp My RV: Luxury Camper Costs $3 Million

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Courtesy of Marchi Mobiles

Wealthy road warriors can now custom order a seriously decked out — and seriously weird-looking — mobile home.

It looks abruptly futuristic on the outside, but that’s only the half of it. The Elemment Palazzo, made by Austrian company Marchi Mobile features an en suite bedroom, a pop-out roof terrace, under-floor heating, a skylight, a rainfall shower, a 40-inch television and a bar area that pops out of one side of the vehicle.

Most of these indulgences are visible in the pictures shown on the company’s website, as is the peculiar choice of decor. Whoever designed the interiors of the show model decided to mix ’70s discotheque sofas, Victorian-style gilded door and window frames, and au natural wooden floorboards. NewsFeed would also like to direct the reader’s attention to the large mirror hanging above the bed.

The fancy RV is also painted in glow-in-the-dark paint. If all this isn’t over-the-top enough, buyers can come up with more outrageous add-ons — $3 million is just the starting price.

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