Reading While Eating for October 21: Guilty Pleasures

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Ahmad Masood / Reuters

A man carries a bag over his shoulder as he pulls a suitcase in Kabul October 20, 2011

Friday’s links talk fatty doughnuts, bad reality TV and ridiculously gaudy world leaders.

Impulse Buys: Sure, the economy is down. But that isn’t going to stop you from buying Krispy Kremes and romance novels. (Moneyland)

Too Many Celebs: If you had any doubt the rom-com New Year’s Eve would be corny, just look at its ill-advised poster. (Go Fug Yourself)

Retching Reality: You guys, Fear Factor is back. We knew there was something missing in our lives, and it turns out we were missing people eating bugs. Who knew? (The Daily What)

Cuppa Chai: Need to warm up as fall weather rolls in? Skip the Starbucks and learn how to make real chai. (Divanee)

Gold and Gaudy: Everybody is talking about the late Muammar Gaddafi and his over the top style in Libya. But he’s not the only dictator to have an odd definition of “classy.” (LIFE)

Viral Video: If you have a technologically impaired family member, this video will really hit home. (Stuff I Stole from the Internet)