What’s the Order? 350-Pound Burger…Pickup!

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Is it a sculpture? Is it a piece of furniture? Is it a slider made for Godzilla?

It’s none of these things, but a restaurateur in Southgate, Michigan is proud of his creation and wants to retake the Guinness Book of World Records title for the world’s biggest burger. Steve Mallie, owner of Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar, first got the idea when he found out the record belonged to cooks in Thailand, who created a 78-pound sandwich. Feeling that the distinction belonged stateside, he set out to craft — and successfully so — a 134-pound burger, which got the record. To top himself, he then cooked a 319 lb. burger. Now, he is out-grilling all prior attempts by making a 350-pound burger!

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How did he do it? It’s still a question of numbers. Mallie’s ingredients include:

  •  270 pounds of hamburger, which takes 20 hours to bake and 8 hours to cool (it cools down into a 180-pound patty, losing nearly 100 pounds of grease).
  • A 100-pound bun, taking four hours to bake.
  • 20 pounds of American cheese.
  • 15 pounds of tomatoes.
  • 15 pounds of onions.
  • 10 pounds of pickles.
  • 10 pounds of bacon.
  • 10 pounds of onions.

Mallie didn’t mention a person gluttonous enough to eat the burger nor the defibrillator that person would need after eating it, but he did say it’s on his restaurant’s menu. “Seventy-two hours notice and we can make one for you,” Mallie said.

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