Reading While Eating for October 25: Fear Itself

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Bazuki Muhammad / Reuters

A resident drags his belongings through the floodwaters as he evacuates in Bangkok October 24, 2011

Tuesday’s links are afraid of ghost stories and poor punctuation.

Passing Punctuation: Grammar freaks, prepare yourselves. This article predicts the apostrophe is going the way of the dodo. (Wall Street Journal)

Manual for Rage: Angry about something? Anything at all? We’ve got the guide for who to blame. (TIME Ideas)

Occupy Street Art: Banksy made an appearance at the Occupy London protest — in the form of Monopoly’s Rich Uncle Pennybags. (The Daily What)

Terrifying Tales: Sick of the usual campfire ghost stories? Read about these mythical characters you had no idea you were supposed to fear. (Flavorwire)

Celebrity Costumes: Stars do everything better than the lowly normals. Even Halloween costumes. (LIFE)

Pretty Impressive: This guy can juggle two Rubik’s Cubes while solving a third at the same time. (Viral Viral Videos)