Tumblr of the Week: Kanye’d by the Bell

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Kanye'd By The Bell

This week’s Tumblr examines what happens when two generations of pop culture collide.

The premise of Kanye’d By The Bell is simple: mixing Kanye West lyrics with images from Saved By The Bell. You might not initially think that the man with arguably the biggest ego in music might not even remotely relate to the plucky kids from Bayside High, but you’re almost guaranteed to be impressed by how well the two go together. (Keep in mind: Since they’re Kanye West lyrics, there’s some salty language.)

There’s Kanye’s lyrics from “That’s My B—-” — “Marilyn Monroe, she’s quite nice/ But why the pretty icons always all white” — over a shot of SBTB‘s dream (white) girl Kelly Kapowski in a blonde wig. Then there’s the lyrics from “All Falls Down” — “Single black female addicted to retail” — over an image of shopping-addict Lisa Turtle. And in case you’re still not impressed, there’s the lyrics from “No Church in the Wild” — “Screech. I’m out here ballin’/ I know you hear my sneaks” — over a shot of Samuel “Screech” Powers, holding a basketball.

We love it. It just goes to show you that, despite the generational gaps, we’re not so different. Or, perhaps, it just proves that Saved By The Bell was way ahead of its time.

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