Andy Rooney Hospitalized After Surgery Complications

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CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

Just three weeks after his final sign-off on the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney was admitted to the hospital Tuesday, the Associated Press reports.

Rooney, 92, developed serious complications following a minor surgery last week, according to CBS. At his family’s behest, details of Rooney’s state are unknown but he in stable condition.

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60 Minutes aired Rooney’s final end-of-show segment,¬†“A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney,” on Oct. 2, when he reflected on his career as a writer. The three-time Emmy winner provided 1,097 essays on the news show since 1978, offering commentary ranging from mundane issues like “An Essay on Doors” to broaching national debates on wars.

He began his career as a writer for Stars and Stripes newspaper in London. Aside from his longstanding career with CBS, Rooney authored four books on World War II and wrote for TV personalities Arthur Godfrey and Garry Moore.

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