Godfather’s Pizza Isn’t Sharing Herman Cain’s Success

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REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

He’s the GOP’s hottest candidate. Right now everyone wants a slice of him. NewsFeed could cook up cheesy pizza puns all day, but perhaps we should cut to the crust of the matter.

Despite his impressive rise in the polls, Herman Cain’s former company, Godfather’s Pizza, is yet to enjoy a similar rise in pizza sales.

Although Godfather’s former CEO and his “9-9-9” tax plan are gaining traction, the pizza chain’s sales in franchises across the country are flatter than a thin-crust, according to Fast Company.

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According to the article, Godfather’s branches across the south have been disappointed by static sales, while one branch manager in Montana had no idea who he was.

Only one Alabama franchise has seen an increase in diners since Cain became a serious contender in the primaries. Its owner of twenty years, Mark Woods, told Fast Company he’d also noticed a shift in demographic, which could come down to citizen Cain. “Honestly, I think I’ve seen more black people come in here because of Herman,” he said. “Personally I like Herman, and I think he’ll be good wherever he is.

Whether he spurs a surge in pizza purchases or not, Cain’s own marketability is unlikely to suffer from his candidacy. The commercial success of former candidates such as Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and even Donald Trump, show that those running in elections rarely lose out in the long run, regardless of the outcome.