Reading While Eating for October 27: Three Little Words

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Molly Riley / Reuters

Brian Crane (L) and Mark Rozanski prepare for the annual High Heel Drag Race in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington on October 25, 2011

Thursday’s links get all lovey-dovey.

You, Me, Us: According to one study, romantic compatibility all comes down to the pronouns you use. (New York Times)

Cover Story: Hillary Clinton talked to TIME’s managing editor, Richard Stengel, about Libya, China and the limits of American power. (Swampland)

For Better or Worse: Rain on your wedding day? Easy. This couple endured a massive dust storm in Arizona and still got through their vows. (The Daily What)

Celebrity Carvings: Forget carving ghoulish faces onto gourds. These pop-culture pumpkins feature A.C. Slater and other notables instead. (Flavorwire)

Delicious Photos: Foodies, put down the Hipstamatic. Learn how to take high-quality, yummy-looking food photos. (LIFE)

Viral Video: Put on your Seinfeld hat and ask yourself, “What’s the deal with Daylight Saving Time?” Then watch to find the answer. (SISFTI)