Steve Jobs Is Watching You. Or At Least His Biography Is

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Watched by Steve

Jobs probably would have liked it this way.

Already atop Amazon’s best-seller list, Walter Isaacson’s new Steve Jobs biography has inspired more than just reverence for the late tech icon.

A new Tumblr, Watched by Steve, capitalizes on the cover’s simple, solo shot of Jobs’ pensive stare set against a white background. The site is pretty basic: Kat Bailey and Nici McCown, who work at Bookshop Santa Cruz in California, post a series of pictures of the book positioned around the store so that it looks like Jobs is “watching” them and other store personnel and patrons.

After the global outpouring of sadness over his death, followed by residual stories of his fiery temper and then heightened interest in his notoriously private personal life, the blog makes light of Jobs’ omnipresence both in technology and pop culture.

But out of the numerous tributes to Jobs in the wake of his passing, this is surely the creepiest.

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