Obscure Scottish Whisky Named Best in the World

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Garrett M. Graff / MCT / Getty Images

It took whisky expert Jim Murray four months of nonstop tasting to try the 1,200 whiskies for his 2012 Whisky Bible. But hard work pays off.

Murray persevered and eventually found the one to be crowned the best whisky out there. The winner is the single-malt Old Pulteney whisky produced in the hinterlands of northern Scotland at the Pulteney distillery.

The dram, aged 21 years, scored 97.5 out of 100 points, matching the highest score ever achieved in Murray’s ratings. It sells for $120 a bottle.

Even though Scotland is known as the home of whisky, this is only the second time a Scottish distillery has won. The second and third place finishers are both American bourbons. (via AFP)

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Just as a matter of perspective, most of of these fires are mostly contained already (50% or better).  (Contained means not spreading.  Mostly contained means they're not spreading very fast.)  The one in Camp Pendleton isn't threatening any structures and isn't likely to, and all by itself accounts for at least half of the total acreage burned.

Another talking point - in 2007, the Witch fire burned 500,000 acres (nearly twenty times the total burned by nine fires in 2014), destroyed a couple of thousand structures (compared to a few dozen so far in nine fires), killed 15 people (with one body so far found among the ashes in 2014, and his cause of death isn't certain yet since he was very likely indigent and may have already been dead before the fire arrived) and caused the largest mass evacuation in California history (between 900,000 and 1.2 million people displaced at the same time compared to about 50,000 so far at various times over the last few days).

This doesn't in ANY way minimize the losses and pain for those who have lost homes and property.  It's just to point out that the fires are not nearly as bad as they have been in the recent past.  The "moonscape" pictures above give folks the wrong impression of how bad it is in San Diego county.  Yes, the media must sensationalize things to get clicks and views.  Yes, it's bad for those who are affected.  But it's not nearly as bad as it has been in the past.  And for that we are thankful.