In-N-Out Obsessives Rejoice: Website Will Overnight You Two Double-Doubles

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Midtown Row

If you’re tired of Californians complaining about missing In-N-Out Burger, here’s the perfect gift for your depressed expat. The luxury deal website Midnight Row is offering to overnight deliver two frozen double-doubles for the low cost of $50 (plus $6 shipping). The deal starts Nov. 1 and the burgers will be shipped straight from the source  – California.

What the what? “Yes, we are for real,” reads the deal on Midtown Row. The website lets you choose either classic or animal-style burgers, which are frozen and then delivered via Express Mail, but issues a warning that they “make no guarantees.” While Midtown Row assures they ship the goods with proper refrigeration, they advise to “reheat and consume at your own risk.”

But who would actually pay $56 for reheated burgers?

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In-N-Out is known for its cult-like following, and for good reason: good company ethics, a cheap, simple burger with fresh ingredients and their special “spread” sauce, as well as a secret menu filled with all kinds of delicious combinations. The burger chain’s loyal following has brought about the opening store locations in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, but has yet to expand east of the Mississippi.

While the burgers are indeed nostalgia-inducing and incomparable for many of its fans, we can’t help but be a little worried about 1) the health of those who end up consuming the burgers (given the disclaimer and all) and 2) the sanity of those willing to cough up that kind of cash. But, then again, it is In-N-Out.

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